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History of the InventorDave Miller and the Bet 
This section was written by David Miller, the inventor of Poker For Roulette™, in his own words.
  Not long after it opened, I was in Resorts International, the first casino in NJ. Back then the casino wasn't open 24 hours, and there was a dress code to get in. On the plus side, there were plenty of $2 blackjack tables. Armed with only a couple hundred bucks, a cursory understanding of the "pyramid betting system" (I now know it's called the Martingale system), and barely a beginner's understanding of blackjack, I tried my luck. Sigh... It was a short evening.
  I soon learned some basic strategy, and to stay away from systems. Eventually the excitement of the craps table caught my attention. After years as a recreational gambler, and seeing the various games and bets available, the concept for a Roulette side bet began percolating in my head. However, a lack of understanding the process for patenting a casino game, or how to get it into a casino, prevented me from going forward.
  Eventually, the FireBet was introduced, and I thought, "It's about time somebody figured out how to put a jackpot on a craps table." I also started to think more about that Roulette idea that had been in the back of my mind.
  In 2008, I stumbled upon, and learned about about all sorts of casino games, and gambling in general. I've used the information to improve my casino experiences, and passed along the web address to other gamblers whenever the opportunity presented itself.
  In late 2009, the Wizard created a new website, It's a travel guide about Las Vegas and its casinos. The most significant feature, however, is the forum - a message board where interested people can discuss a variety of gambling related topics. I quickly became one of the top posters, both with questions, and responses (right and sometimes wrong) to other member's questions.
  One of the members of the forum, Dan Lubin, aka PaiGowDan, talked about the Pai Gow Poker variant he invented, called EZ Pai Gow. I asked him about the process and he provided an insider's look, as well as some advice for getting an idea patented, and in a casino. The most significant tidbit is that the first step of the patent process is exceedingly simple and inexpensive.
  After considerable thought, and a good deal of time with Excel, the Hit It Again concept was born, and a provisional patent application had been filed. (It wasn't a great idea, so don't waste a lot of time reading that website.)
  While in Las Vegas in Sept. 2010 for a wedding professionals conference, I met Dan, and he introduced me to Rich Newman, a lawyer specializing in gaming patents. During the meeting, Mr. Newman told me that he thought my idea didn't have what it takes, and probably wasn't patentable anyway. Since he was basically talking himself out of a job, I respected his opinion.
  Dan had also set up a meeting with a gaming distributor. That meeting was equally disappointing, but it gave me invaluable insight into game design, and what casinos really want in a new game.
  As a result, the Hit It Again concept died a quick death. With a tail between my legs, I got on the plane to come home. It was during that flight, while considering everything I had been told in the last few days, that I came up with the Poker For Roulette™ idea.
  After a month of working the numbers and designing a new website, the Poker For Roulette™ idea was announced on the Wizard Of Vegas forum. The reaction was very positive.
  Thanks to the discussions there, my own constant re-thinking the idea, and collaborations with Mike Shackleford, I've made many modifications since the initial incarnation. Those additional threads discussing the game are located here, here, here, and here. Mike also provided a Math Analysis of the game.
  On a more personal note, during my years, I've held a variety of jobs. Since 1995 I have been a computer systems specialist in the wholesale electrical supply industry. Since 1984 I have been a private party DJ entertainer. My stage name originally was DJ Teddy Bear, hence the handle that I use on internet forums. My entertainment offerings have in the last few years shifted focus to weddings, and now include wedding ceremony officiating. For more info about any of these services, go to In December 2011, I took on another part-time job, as a poker dealer for the World Free Poker league. I live in Northern New Jersey with my wife. No kids - yet.