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Game Concept 
  Players have a natural tendancy to look at the Roulette history board and make comments about any types of patterns that may be present. This side bet allows players to bet that such an event is about to occur.
  I.E. If the next three results include a pair, three of a kind or straight, the bet wins. Also, 0 and 00 (and 000) are wild. Lastly, if the three spins are all 0 or 00, (or 000), a porgressive jackpot is paid.

  Bets are accepted at the same time as regular betting, and are placed once for the next three spins. If desired, casinos can give players the option of placing the bet again after any spin, before the original spins are complete. See the Sample Spins page for more info about why a bettor would want to have multiple bets active at the same time.
  Bets are placed in the designated PFR position along the back wall of the layout, using Roulette chips. When the dealer announces, "No more bets," he will place a clear cover over the bets. After the ball falls into a pocket and the regular bets are settled, the dealer will put a marker on top of the cover, showing the current spin result. He then slides this cover and the chips under it into the #1 position, while also sliding the covers, chips and markers forward from #1 to #2 and #2 to #3.
  The dealer will then examine the three spin markers to see if they make a winning combination. If so, he uncovers the chips on the #3 position, and pays them. As a courtesy, he then moves the chips bet to the PFR betting position. Players have the option to take the bet down if they wish. If the three spin combination is not a winner, he uncovers the chips and mucks them along with other losing bets. Note that the payouts shown on the Math & Payout page are based upon the dealer keeping the chip even after a win. Subtract 1 to get the amount paid on a win when the dealer returns the chip to the PFR betting position.

  Players must meet the table minimum in order to place each new Poker For Roulette™ bet. There is no need to make any additional bets to keep a previously placed unresolved bet active.
  Bets may not be placed or removed after the dealer says "No more bets."
  In the illustration shown, players have the option of making the jackpot bet before every spin, if they wish. No need to wait for a bet to be resolved before placing another bet. See the Sample Spins page for more info about multiple bets on overlapping spins.
  In the interest of keeping things simple, casinos may elect to lock out new bets while prior bets remain unresolved, thereby having only one betting position.
  Players will need to provide Identification, and a Player's Club card, before receiving large winning payouts.