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Pick A Card - Any Card 
  Pick A Card is a patent pending casino game inspired by the scene in Vegas Vacation where Clark and Cousin Eddie go to that odd casino where the games are a little different.
  Included was a game called Pick A Number, seen here, which used no device to determine the winner. Despite being absurd to the max and ripe for cheating, it was the inspiration for a fair version, with a house edge that is reasonable but hard to calculate on the fly, is fun and easy to play, and seems to be player advantage.
Game Description 
  Players make a wager that a selected card rank appears among the three cards to be revealed. Payouts are increased if the chosen rank appears more than once. Players may wager on as many ranks as desired.
  A Bonus side bet allows players to wager that the three cards will be a pair, flush, straight, three of a kind or straight flush. This is similar to the Pair Plus side bet for Three Card Poker.
  Two Jackpot Side Bets are available. Both are triggered when a straight flush or three of a kind appears.
  With the Four Card Jackpot, a fourth card is shown. The full jackpot pays when that card results in a four card straight flush, or four of a kind. A partial jackpot payout occurs when the fourth card added to the straight flush is still a straight or flush, or when the fourth card added to the three of a kind is the fourth suit (rainbow).
  With the Three+Three Card Jackpot, the bets are locked up, pending the results of the next three card game. The full jackpot pays when the next three card hand is also either a straight plus or three of a kind. A partial jackpot payout occurs when the next three card hand is a straight or a flush.
  Casinos can offer any or all of the side bets and the Jackpot Side Bets can be progressive.

Unique Game Feature 
  Similar to craps where one player throws the dice to determine the outcome, one player is provided a stylus to select the cards used. If the cards are a pair or better, the same player can select the cards on the next turn. Alternatively, the dealer can offer a player a cut card, cut the deck, and use the top 3 cards to determine the winners.
  All players play the same three cards.
Document Downloads 
  Three pages: Game description including features, rules, and sample paytable. PDF
  One half page: Rack / rule card (designed to print front & back, shown side by side) PDF
  One page: Sample single player betting area on legal size paper. PDF
  One page: Sample BJ style table layout with five single player positions. PDF
  Two pages: Sample Big 6 style table layout in two versions: with one or two large community betting areas. PDF

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