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  While attending a Cutting Edge Tables Games Conference in 2015 to promote my Poker For Roulette side bet, several of the break out session presenters were using the same clip from Vegas Vacation, where Clark and Cousin Eddie go to that odd casino where the games are 'a little different'.
  The final game played at that casino, is shown here. While simple in nauture, "Pick A Number" used no device to determine the winner. And no device to indicate what number was selected by the player. 'Ripe for cheating by the dealer' is an understatement. 'Rigged from the word go', is more like it.
  (There's so much to love about that scene: Clark trying to fake out the dealer, the dealer who is indifferent to the point of looking bored, and Eddie's reaction at the end.)
  Despite the absurdity of the game, seeing the same clip multiple times in one afternoon, it made me wonder: Is there a way to make a fair version of the game, with a reasonable house edge?
  The desire to make it a pick from 1 to 10 like in the movie, doesn't afford a lot of flexibility with the payouts and house edge. Expanding it to picking one of the 13 ranks of cards lowered the edge a bit, but did nothing for the flexibility.
  Then, when walking thru a casino, I passed a Sic Bo table that was closed. (Sic Bo is a three dice game with a dizzying array of different betting options.) The basic bet of just picking a single value, and getting varying payouts based on the number of times it hit, intrigured me.
  After spending some time with Excel, the concept of using a standard deck of 52 cards, and picking three cards, was exactly what I needed. With the multiple payouts available for a single bet, it's easy to come up with multiple pay tables, each with a comfortable house edge. Picking three cards also introduces the option of a Three Card Poker style side bet.
  Then I borrowed a concept from craps to have a player determine everyone's fate by selecting the cards used, and the same player continuing to pick the cards on successive hands, whenever a 'good' hand is revealed.
  Last, I added a jackpot when one of the rarest three card hands is followed by another of those rare three card hands, and Pick A Card was born.
  For the record, at that Cutting Edge event, in addition to several presenters using that same scene from the weird local's casino, two presenters focused on customer service, and used the scene from the Mirage featuring Wallace Shawn as Marty, the dealer with an unortodox idea of his own.