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Betting & Rules 
  Click on the any of the three layout thumbnails for a larger size PDF.

Individual Betting Area / Rules 
  Individual player positions have spots representing the card ranks, the bonus side bet and jackpot bet. Players may make any combination of bets. Each individual bet must be at least the table minimum.
  Once all players have made their bets, the dealer shuffles the deck, or takes a shuffled deck out of the shuffler, and spreads the the deck between the player's bets and the chip rack. One player is given a stylus to use to select three cards. After the cards are selected, the dealer will put the remaining cards in the discard rack, and turn over the three selected cards.
  Alternatively, the dealer will provide, or use, a cut card then select the top 3 cards.
  After examining the three cards, the dealer will take all losing bets and pay the winners.
  If the selected cards had a pair or better (a side bet winner), the same player is offered the option of selecting again for the next round, even if they didn't bet on the side bet.
  The deck is once, then gets reshuffled.

Table Layouts 
  This game can be played on a BlackJack size table, like the 5 player sample shown here.
  The game can also be plaed on a larger table, with larger community betting positions, similar to a Big Six table, as illustrated.

  As is customary for many table games, players never touch the cards. A designated player is provided a stylus to select the cards used to determine the outcomes.
  The styli shown here are merely the barrel of a standard issue casino ball point pen - with the guts removed. Insert a foam ear plug, and a stylus is born.
  Some casino gift shops have pens with stylus tips. If one of those is used, be sure it's the type with the stylus at the top of the pen rather than at the writing tip, otherwise you may end up with marked cards.
  Alternatively, the dealer can offer a player a cut card to cut the deck, then use the first 3 cards to determine the winners. Of course, the dealer can cut the cards herself if the casino prefers.