Dave Miller Gaming
  Dave Miller Gaming creates casino table games and side bets, currently with two offerings. Click either name for more infomation.

  Players bet that the card rank(s) they choose will be among three cards selected. A unique feature, one player selects the three cards used to determine the outcome. 
  Also offering a side bet, similar to Three Card Poker side bets, but with a jackpot that can be progressive. 

  Have you ever looked at a Roulette history display and said, "Wow, look at that..."?
  With Poker For Roulette, you can place a bet that the outcome will invoke that kind of response, that it will have some combination that looks like a poker hand - pairs, straights, or three of a kind. 0 and 00 (and 000) are wild. An optional jackpot or progressive jackpot is available.

  As a hobby / side project, I created maps of the Las Vegas area, highlighting the casinos, main roads, and some non-casino points of interest. People have told me that these maps a more useful than many of the other maps they've seen.

  In my other life, I'm a lead dealer in a pub poker league, and train the new dealers. Info availble includes my resume, a guide for poker players who have never played in a casino poker room, and the handbook I wrote for the league's new dealers.

  In my OTHER other life, I'm a former wedding entertainer, turned wedding officiant, serving the Northern New Jersey metro area since 1984.
  In recent years, I've scaled this back in favor of poker - both dealing and playing.

  As mentioned above, I'm a former private party DJ entertainer. It was a lot of fun, but I'm a litle too old for that now.
  Here's the website as it looked when I finally gave it up.

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