As a hobby / side project, I created these maps of the Las Vegas area, highlighting the casinos, main roads, and some non-casino points of interest. Because they only show main roads, and logos of casinos and points of interest, these maps are more useful than many other maps they've seen.
  Criteria for non-casino inclusion is somewhat arbitrary, but most have piqued my own interest, and are on my list when friends ask me for things to do. Feel free to email suggestions to me.
  Criteria for casino inclusion is that they have at least one table game, and a hotel.
  Note that in the Covid-19 era, some of the casinos shown no longer have table games, and/or have closed their hotel or are even closed entirely. Since these are hopefully temporary situations, I kept them on the maps.
  On the other hand, a few casinos have closed permanently. Those are still included, but with a big X thru them, since they are still good landmarks.
  Be sure to visit my home page, and check out the casino games I invented, as well as some poker articles I wrote.
  Last, take a look at the strip map produced by Easy.Vegas. It doesn't use logos, but when you click on a casino, it shows the history of what casinos used to be at that location, plus other cool features.


The Valley


The Strip


I-15 & Primm


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