I started playing poker in 2004 and my love for the game only increases as time goes by. After several years playing in the only local league that has actual dealers at every table, I became a dealer myself, and am currently a lead dealer with responsibilites of training new dealers.
  Someday I hope to become a dealer in a casino poker room. Unfortunately, my experience in the pub league as an unlicensed dealer, doesn't qualify me to deal in a casino. At least not in my local casino, where I was told that, despite my experience, I would have to take the training they offer. The training is full time for four weeks. Were it not for the full time job I already have, I'd jump at the chance.
  Below are PDFs of my one page resume I gave to the local casino, and a seven page handbook that I wrote and give to the new dealers in the league as I train them.
  Years ago, I wrote a lengthy article for the Wizard of Odds sister site, Wizard of Vegas. Designed as an introduction to casino poker room poker, it's about the differences between playing in a casino poker room vs your friend's dining room, and what you need to know before you go into a casino's poker room. I recently made some updates. The PDF is below while the original article is here.
  Note: I'm one of the most prolific posters on the Wizard of Vegas forums, but my user name is DJ Teddy Bear, the stage name I had before getting involved with gaming.
  I also post on a fairly regular basis on the Poker TDA forum.
  I created two casino games that I'm offering to casinos. Full descriptions of both are available, as well as a link to some Las Vegas maps I created, on my home page, DaveMillerGaming.com,

My Dealer Resume
(1 page)


Poker Dealer Handbook
(7 pages)


Intro to Casino Poker Room Poker
(9 pages)


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