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The items on this page are the types of items that I typically use during games at my youth oriented events. Some are popular at adult events and weddings, too! In addition to these items, the party store has a wide variety of coordinated tableware and decorations, as well as gift items, and all at very competitive prices.

Click on any image below to get details and pricing. You can then order the item or search for other items. You are also shown a variety of similar items that you may like better, perhaps to suit a theme you have selected.

As a convenience to you, you can have the order delivered to my address, and I will bring the items to your event.

Any of these 7" maracas are good. There are smaller / cheaper maracas available, but they tend to break easily.

The 7" gold and silver star clackers are good. The 8" neon clackers are a little quieter, and cheaper!

Just about any of the plastic hats are good. These are the most popular.

These cloth / felt hats cost a little more, but they look great.

These necklaces have the urban look that kids are into. They can be used as prizes or giveaways.

Avoid the 1.5" thin leis as they look cheap. The 2.5" thick leis are much better and cost only a little more.

The Blues Brothers glasses are popular. The neon glasses are also popular although they look cheap. Costing only a little more and a much better looking alternative, are the John Lennon glasses .

Inflatable sneakers are fun, and can be used as part of some of the games I may play.

Inflatable instruments are also good.
The 'Band On The Run' assortment on the left includes 3 of each of the 8 items shown.
Accompany them with tambourines and/or extra microphones as needed.

Glow sticks are huge and are almost expected. That is, unless you get light-up and/or blinking items.

There is also a wide selection of banners and customized party favors.

Hope this list isn't too overwhelming. It is only a guide to the most popular items. Call if you need additional advice.

  DJ Teddy Bear aka DJ Dave Miller
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