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  With many years of experience, Dave Miller is well prepared, and has the passion, to provide the Private Party Reception Entertainment that you expect and deserve.

  Coming from a musically talented family, Dave Miller always wanted to be an entertainer. The logical choice was becoming a Disc Jockey.

  Dave Miller brings diversified entertainment experience to every event where he performs. Music is only a small part of his entertainment services. Also important is knowing what to say and do, when to say or do it, and perhaps even more importantly, when to say or do nothing.

  Dave Miller is unlike many DJs who talk too much, or say and do things that are inappropriate. While Dave takes pride in his microphone and Master of Ceremonies skills, he don't over-do it. He also has more common sense than the average DJ. He knows he is there to help create a party atmosphere, and not to party himself.

  You can rest assured that when Dave Miller is performing, everything is upper class.

  Dave Miller's specialty is weddings. In fact, in 2005 he became a Reverend so he could officiate the wedding ceremony as well as entertain the reception.

  NOTE: This web site is dedicated to Entertainment for events other than Weddings. For more information about Wedding Reception Entertainment, go to www.DaveMillerWeddings.com. For more information about Wedding Ceremony Officiating, go to www.ReverendDaveMiller.com.

  Several times each year he gives back to the community by performing events at steep discounts, or even for free for qualified charitable organizations. Most notable of these is the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light The Night. For more information about these events and deserving charities, go to the "For A Worthy Cause" page.

  As you can see, Dave Miller is quite passionate about entertaining.

  Don't you deserve an entertainer that cares about your special event as much as you do?

  DJ Teddy Bear aka DJ Dave Miller
  www.DJTeddyBear.com - 973-896-7905
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